WCM 2015 Tri-Signed Letter

November is Warrior Care Month. Since its inception in 2008, Warrior Care Month continues to remind us of our unyielding commitment to the wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and their support network of Families and caregivers...

21st Secretary of the Army Farewell Message

John M. McHugh bids farewell after six years serving as Secretary of the Army.

The Department of Defense will host a Hiring Heroes Career Fair on November 17th at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Over 65 federal and private sector employers will recruit Soldiers and Veterans for Civilian careers.

Social Media Spotlight

Every November Army Warrior Transition Command (WTC) joins the other Services and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to celebrate ‪#‎WarriorCareMonth‬; a dedicated time frame to honor our wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers and Veterans for their service and recognizing their Families and Caregivers for their enduring support.

“I still have people around me who love me. I still got the chance at living a wonderful life. I still got a chance at helping other people," said Master Sgt. Cedric King. After losing both legs in an improvised explosive device blast in Afghanistan in 2012, Master Sgt. King, Warrior Transition Unit, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, set out on a quest to conquer his challenges.

WTC honors the service and sacrifice of our African American wounded, ill and injured Soldiers, Veterans, Families and Caregivers.