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WCTP Entry Criteria

Program Entry Criteria

In order to be considered eligible for entry into the Warrior Care and Transition Program (WCTP), Soldiers must meet the below entry criteria for their component.

Active Component (COMPO 1) and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers must meet one of the following:

Reserve Component (COMPO 2/3) Soldiers must meet all of the following:

COMPO 2/3 Soldiers who meet the entry criteria may voluntarily apply for Title 10 United States Code Section 12301(h) orders under one of the following medical care processing programs:

The following Soldiers, regardless of component are ineligible for entry into a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU):

*exceptions may be approved on a case by case basis

For additional information on WCTP entry criteria, please reference WTC Policy 13-006: Entry and Exit Criteria for the WCTP .

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a Reserve Component (COMPO 2/3) Soldier and injured my knee during Annual Training (AT). Can I be assigned to a WTU?

COMPO 2/3 Soldiers injured during AT can request for assignment/attachment to a WTU under the ADME program, if they meet the entry criteria for the WCTP.

I was attached to a WTU two years ago and was returned to duty because my temporary profile designators went from 3 to 2. I now have a temporary profile with all designators of 3. Can I apply for reentry into a WTU?

Yes, however, you must meet the entry criteria for the WCTP.

How long can Active Component (COMPO 1) and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers be attached to a WTU?

COMPO 1 and AGR Soldiers will not be in an attached status for longer than 180 days, unless approved as an exception to policy by Army G-1 (DAPE-PRC). Attachment and assignment of AGR Soldiers to a WTU/CCU resides with Army Human Resources Command (AHRC).

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